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vul·pine: crafty; cunning

A Raleigh, NC based consulting firm that provides bespoke services for valued clients.

Why Vulpine

Why Vulpine?

At Vulpine, our priority is our clients. We want to ensure that you receive personalized services that meet your business needs. To accomplish this, we bring a unique blend of skills to ensure that your requirements are met in the most effective manner possible.


Service Offerings

At Vulpine, we will tailor a package of offerings to your organization’s requirements. Our primary offerings involve:

  • Red Team Assessments - A full-spectrum simulation of an adversary’s assault on your business. This combines network, physical, and social attack methodology to gain access to your critical business resources and provide you with a thorough get-well plan.

  • Adversarial Emulation - If your organization isn’t ready to tackle the full red team challenge, our adversarial emulation offering provides a network-centric simulation of how attackers are actively compromising your network today. At the conclusion, we’ll walk you through the compromise, provide indicators, and ensure your organization is positioned to detect and respond to sophisticated threats.

  • Penetration Testing - Vulpine’s penetration testing service provides an active assessment of the vulnerabilities on a system or network. These engagements can be either white- or black-box views into the attacker’s options when faced with the target and will identify weaknesses in configuration, organizational processes, and other potential flaws.

  • Physical Security - Our physical security assessments are performed in the context of your organization’s IT risk framework. Our consultants will attempt to gain access to critical IT resources by exploiting weaknesses in the physical security of your offices, proving that the most secure firewall rules can by bypassed with a lockpick or a convincing replica badge.

Contact Us

Contact Us

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